Maggie & Me- August 23,2010 – May 22, 2018

Maggie & Me Good bye My Sweet Girl

Maggie & Me  Good bye My Sweet Girl

The moment I brought Maggie home I knew my life was changed forever, I never could have imagined just how much.

My Beautiful Maggie was complicated and needed extra attention, but for all that I gave up to care for her I received back in endless love.

Maggie taught me how to have fun but not just fun to be down right silly. To be patient thoughtful, and reflective.

Maggie taught me to take notice of everything, not just the small stuff, but everything. How to catch a smell as a breeze came through, how to find the best blades of grass for eating, how to find joy in rainstorms and find shady spots during hot summer days.

She taught me to find stillness and to just be in the moment but then to get and go no matter how many times I may not have wanted to.

Maggie gave me unconditional love, she never judged me on my worst days, she accepted my faults and yes when it came to her took a bit of advantage of my weaknesses.

She was my companion in life and will be my angel in her passing.

For those that know me, you understand the unique bond I had with Maggie. I have lost my footing, the strength that she gave to keep me grounded, my identity as her Mommy, my best friend, my soul mate.

Remember Maggie for all that she was

  • She was beautiful
  • She loved to talk
  • She was vocal about what she wanted, when she wanted it
  • She loved to argue with her mommy
  • She loved to love
  • She loved her Auntie (Lorraine)
  • She loved people (attention)
  • She loved to cuddle
  • She loved to sit on your lab
  • She always had to be touching you
  • She hogged the bed (always)
  • She loved to lick off expensive face cream
  • She loved all types of body lotion
  • She loved her home cooked meals and treats
  • She loved to eat the bubbles in the bath tub
  • She loved the ocean
  • She loved the beach and sand
  • She loved the best pieces of grass
  • She loved Horses and their Poop!
  • She Loved the Forest
  • She loved to walk and walk and walk
  • She loved long car rides
  • She loved Ice Cream
  • She loved Cheezies
  • She loved to carry her babies to the car every time we left the house

She loved me, run free now my sweet girl

With a broken heart leaking with love

Your Mommy

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  1. Beautifully expressed Catherine.
    You had an amazing relationship with Maggie! So sorry for your loss!


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