The Beginning


Where to beginLIVE LOVE  LAUGH

I have had my personal blog site for a year . I had a fun logo created and just recently I had my logo and favorite saying tattooed on my arm . I figured it would provide inspiration or rather courage to begin.

So now just start ….. The thing is , with so many random thoughts clouding my mind I had no beginning  I kept thinking that I would have this grandiose start and so I waited for  it and waited for it.

Well nothing momentous happened today,  I just decided to just write, random thoughts, visions, dreams, up and downs all in the attempt to find my authentic life.   The one where I wake up and I feel just content with all things.

If you happen upon this blog perhaps through my journey to find Life, Love and Laughter you will find something for yourself

So today I begin  and  today I just write




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